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Office Modernization

The new year often brings new design trends for offices around the country. If you want your business to stay up to date, then it is important to consider what the inside of your office looks like and how efficient it is. Even if you feel like your workspace is out of date, you can often get it back on trend with a few creative updates and some new decor.

Innovative Workspaces

What's Trending in Office Design

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The Office Experience

A good interior designer can help businesses focus on the functionality of a workspace and its ability to engage customers or clients. This is why you are seeing more experiential spaces, such as yoga and meditation spaces, rock climbing walls, game rooms, massage therapy, and even cocktail bars inside offices. Creating an experiential atmosphere for employees and customers can have a positive effect.

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Open Floor Plans

Gone are the days of working inside tiny cubicles. Instead, offices are opting for workspaces that are more open where coworkers have more access to each other. Open floor plans using glass walls and large spaces, as often seen at younger tech companies, can also help to promote a more relaxed atmosphere. Employees also feel less confined and may be more productive in offices with modernized layouts.

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Going Green is Hot

People are taking going “green” to a new level by adding more nature to their workspaces. Sometimes, this is as simple as exposing the natural wood beams of the ceiling or planting an entire indoor garden. On the other hand, many workers are including clay pottery into their decor or bringing in desktop trickling water fountains. Some offices even grow moss on their walls for a literal green pop of color.

The Office Design Boom

Get In on the Trend

Some trends come and go quickly, but many of the popular office designs you are seeing today are likely to stick around for some time. Current layouts promote relaxation and an engaged attitude from customers and employees alike. If you are noticing a distinct lag in your workspace and among your employees, it may be time to update the interior to be more inviting and pleasant.